Visiting the attractions

In Prague gun range https://outbackprague.com/, there is a so-called Matějská pouť. I have already been there a few times and I always enjoy visiting the Matějska Pouť. There are so many carousels, people, and I absolutely love these events with a lot of people in the form of pilgrimages and the like. And at the Prague shooting range, my friend even shot me a rose. This year I was even on a roller coaster. I was reluctant at first, but then I took the plunge, and it was worth it. I was really excited and felt like a little kid in a way. After all, carousels are mostly enjoyed by smaller children, but sometimes I still feel like a child in my soul.


But there is nothing wrong with that. Each of us has that „child“ in us that hides deep inside us, even when we are adults. And sometimes in such situations, when we go on a pilgrimage and enjoy the merry-go-round, a child awakens in us, a child that we don`t even know about. And this year I am reliving it again with my daughter. I am actually going back to my childhood in this way. She is exactly like me, and she also loves pilgrimages. And every time we think of her, she`s just as fascinated as I am. We even went on the merry-go-round together last year. At first, she was afraid, but then she also enjoyed it.


And once, as a small child, I was not only on the St. Matthew pilgrimage, but also on the pilgrimage in our town. Such a smaller town, but it was worth it. And besides the merry-go-rounds, there were of course various stalls with my favourite food such as noodles, drinks (mojitos, various lemonades) and I even had a warm mojito in the summer for the first time in my life. And it was quite fun. It is said to be drunk more in winter, but you can drink it in summer too. I wouldn`t expect a warm mojito on a pilgrimage. Anyway, I was surprised by its taste – it was an absolutely great mojito and I liked it very much and it was well prepared. And the fact that it was warm surprised me, but the mojito was very good. Such a warm drink is atypical for summer, but you definitely have to try it.